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Elea Digital

Elea Digital is an EDGE data center infrastructure platform in Latin American with a wide differentiated geographical spread and interconnection across Brazil. 

Elea Digital’s six data centers are at the edge of the central cloud regions in key Brazilian metro-areas: São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre, Curitiba and Brasília. 



Elea Digital was founded in 2018 by the financial group Piemonte Holding, which, through its Private Equity vehicle, executed a proprietary investment to create a data center ecosystem.

In 2020, Elea completed the purchase of five Oi Telecommunication’s data centers as part of one of the largest judicial reorganization proceedings in Brazilian history. These five data centers that became part of Elea Digital's data center platform are in Porto Alegre (POA1), Curitiba (CTA1), São Paulo (SPO1) and Brasília, with two units (BSB1 and BSB2).

In the same year, following the expansion process, we purchased a data center from Grupo Globo, located in the metropolitan region of Rio de Janeiro (RJO1). With this new acquisition, Elea Digital's data center platform has further increased the storage power of its data servers.

For the coming years, our goal is to maintain the same volume of capital allocation, betting on increased demand for connectivity. The long-term investment aims to create a data center ecosystem across Brazil with a wide concentration of selected and quality assets, aiming the development of the digital infrastructure in the country and in the Latin America.

Why, How and What?


Elea exists to expand the connectivity and digital capability of any company in Brazil, supporting  the growth of the Latin American Digital  Infrastructure, anywhere, beyond the big cities of São Paulo e Rio de Janeiro.


Companies in key metropolitan regions where we  operate can count on a high-quality TIER III or TIER III data center service.


Our team has more then 20 years of experience in maintaining, managing and operating data center services, delivering colocation, interconnection, hosting and much more... in a high-quality experience. Our customers have the experience of using these services with proven operational excellence already in use by more than 100 clients.

Executive Directors

Marco Girardi

CFO | Chief Financial Officer

Rogério Bruck

COO | Chief Operating Officer

Tito Costa

CRO | Chief Revenue Officer

Administrative Board

Alessandro Lombardi


Julia Dias Leite

Board Member

Marco Girardi

Board Member