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Elea Digital

Our edge data center ecosystem is present in all four corners of Brazil, and, although “invisible” to the human eye, it is connected by optic fiber, through a world class digital infrastructure, making connections closer, expanding limits and shortening distances. 

We are a business that understands and is concerned with the environment and the sustainability of nature, and for that reason, everything was planned so a more sustainable future will be built for each megabyte transmitted, and for innovation to boost the improvement of the everyday lives of people and society as a whole.

Our digital infrastructure is composed by DCs located in the main Brazilian metropolitan areas of Porto Alegre, Curitiba, Brasília, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, and our project’s proposal is to reach more Brazilian and Latin-American regions each year.

We believe and rely on our people and our values to evolve. We are the base for a future of multiple possibilities for society, connecting companies, people, cities, regions and possibilities. 

We are integration and interconnection. 

We are connections that bring people closer.

We are Elea Digital.

Mapa Brasil

Our History

In 2018, we were founded by financial group Piemonte Holding with the mission to cross borders and expand the horizons of connections and data storage.

It was through a proprietary investment of the group’s Private Equity vehicle that we, Elea Digital, a data center ecosystem, began our journey.

In 2020, we concluded the acquisition of five of Oi’s data centers in the scope of one of the largest court-supervised reorganization proceedings in Brazilian history. These five data centers are located in Porto Alegre (POA1), Curitiba (CTA1), São Paulo (SPO1) and Brasília, the latter with two units (BSB1 and BSB2).

Staying true to our commitment of expanding to evolve, still in 2020 we acquired Grupo Globo’s data center, located in the Olympic park in the metropolitan region of Rio de Janeiro (RJO1). This acquisition expanded even further the storage power of our data servers.

For the coming years, our goal is keeping the same investment volume, betting on the increase in demand for connectivity, for strengthening, levering and boosting the transformation of the digital infrastructure of our country.

Why Choose Elea Digital?

We live in a more and more digital reality and we believe there is much still to be built and achieved when we talk about the expansion of the digital infrastructure in the country and worldwide. Our infrastructure is made of technology and people.

We exist to expand the horizons and, with the proper digital infrastructure certified by the largest institutions in the world, to cross the frontier in growing our clients’ businesses.

The services of our data centers was through out with strategy and planning, to provide speed and agility in the digital access to large urban centers with a fully interconnected and resilient network. All of that without our clients having to concern themselves with managing the operation of their own data centers, which is both complex and costly. All of that allows large companies in the technology center to penetrate, more and more, the Brazilian and the Latin American markets.

The geographic distribution of our DCs, in addition to supporting local companies, also facilitates large cloud and content providers, which pass to have one single standardized platform to reach several destinations.

Our current clients are mostly focused on the IT, Telecom industries, banks, media and the public sector, which proves unique and top-quality experience in services such as colocation, interconnection, hosting and many others.

With an incredible data center services team, with proven experience in the sector, we are commitment to deliveries with excellence and awareness, in a responsible and sustainable fashion.

The safest path for your company’s plans goes through our connections.

Administrative Board

Alessandro Lombardi


Julia Dias Leite

Board Member

Jeff Ferry

Board Member

Guy Willner

Board Member

Tesh Durvasula

Board Member

Executive Officers

Marco Girardi

CFO | Chief Financial Officer

Rogério Bruck

COO | Chief Operating Officer

Tito Costa

CRO | Chief Revenue Officer


Clóvis Carneiro Brum

Infrastructure Director

Crislaine Corradine

Supply Chain Director

Frank Hasset

Senior Board Consultant