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Our products and solutions guarantee our customers a quality experience and specialized service, ensuring safety and the best performance for your company.   


Protect critical data, assure technology requirements, rely on digital infrastructure and reduce maintenance costs. These are some of the benefits of outsourcing data centers, an alternative for companies looking for acceleration of their digital transformation process. ELEA's colocation service is a safe haven for your business to be more dynamic, providing full control of your interconnections and ensuring the security of deployment and management.
Some advantages:
High security in private cages or racks in a shared area
Storage area
Work spaces


With the digital transformation of the market, businesses need to act in a more agile and efficient way with focus on customer experience. That means connecting people, locations, data and clouds in real time. At this point, managers find in interconnection the ideal way to enable interactions quickly, securely and with the lowest possible latency at local and regional levels. All this through the private and direct exchange of data between companies.
Cross Connection is a solution provided by Elea Digital that allows direct connection between different environments within Data Center, ensuring high performance for your company's network.
Through Cross Connect, you will be able to connect with other service providers hosted in the Data Center and telecom operators directly in your IT environment. This possibility has advantages in terms of overall costs and connection possibilities.
The cabling and the equipment integration without intermediaries inside the data center also offers more benefits, including increased reliability, better performance, and low latency in a fully controlled environment.

Elea Partner IX

Direct connectivity solution with in a secure and scalable way with SLA in the cross connect to NIC's equipment.
Some advantages:
Reduction of network hops and congestion in content access
Bring peering sessions together on a single platform, the largest exchange of local internet traffic with the most peers, markets and traffic, further reducing the need for IP bandwidth.
Discover and connect to thousands of networks, cloud and IT service providers.
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Elea Last Mile Connect

The challenge of building a distributed network in a country with continental dimensions is huge.
We want to assist our customers to creat a regional interconnection hubs, allowing an better cost control and distribution of multiple concentrating points, making use of the largest geographic distribution of data centers in Brazil.
Count on Elea to also help you manage your last mile links.

Elea Managed Services Partnership

Elea is a colocation provider, however we recognize that our customers may have customized demands and relying on a single supplier can make a difference. For these cases, where customers need managed services, Elea has established partnerships with the main players in the market, and with that, we deliver the best solution for each of our customers.